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“Dear A+,  The summer and the 5 week program definitely helped me a lot because I scored a 2400 on my SAT with a 10 on the essay.” – 2015 SAT student


A+ Academy offers a proven and focused method for preparing students for the variety of New York standardized tests. Specializing in instructing students from grades 3 – 12, we have consistently yielded an above 80% rate of acceptance into New York City’s prestigious specialized high schools.

One of the many reasons students of A+ Academy exhibit such tremendous success stems primarily from the organized and experienced teaching staff. Teachers are selected for their expertise in a particular area of study, and have created an accurate curriculum designed to target students’ weaknesses and build them into strengths. At the end of each semester students offer feedback, which allows the teachers to modify their methods. Many of these teachers have been a part of the A+ Academy staff for over ten years and are committed to seeing students excel throughout elementary, middle, high school, and beyond.

Students are put into specified classes designed to meet their distinct needs. A+ Academy offers grade specific programs, as well as levels within each grade. This allows teachers to treat every student with focused attention and helps target and motivate students with troubled areas.

In addition, up to the date testing materials play a key role in students academic success. A+ Academy maintains updated practice tests for all standardized exams ensuring students will be fully prepared when taking an exam.

A+ Academy takes pride in its involved and effective teaching approach. Parents and students will find the Academy to be a truly valuable and welcoming institution where all are welcome to learn, practice and grow.


Our office hours (January to May 2017):

6802 8th Ave: Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12pm-6pm

710 57th St: Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm; Tuesday 12pm-6pm

1766 65th St: Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm; Tuesday & Thursday 12pm-6pm